Mundorf TPCU870c (Paar)

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2 x Mundorf Polklemmen 8 mm aus reinem Kupfer The TPCU Terminal Posts from OFC copper are designed to meet the highest demands on mechanical precision, acoustical performance and aesthetics. Made in Germany from the solid our TPCU series combines maximum conductor cross-section with lowest transfer resistances. Thus they unite tonal clarity, beauty and stereo-phonic spaciousness with harmonious-warmth and splendid brightness. Pure copper terminals should be cleaned periodically with copper-polish or a mixture of vinegar and water to prevent oxidation. Alternatively we offer `maintance-free´ versions plated with silver or gold. The scope of delivery includes two nuts, one washer and a spring washer for safe assembly. Standard insulation material furthermore acts as rotation protection and polarity marking. We offer red and black coloured markings ex stock and spot colours upon request. Mundorf recommends non-metallic mounting plates. Else the terminal posts induce a charge via counter-rotating magnetic fields into the mounting plate that distorts the music signal by absorbing energy from it. So more electric power is transmitted, the higher is the inductance and hence the loss of energy and fine details TPCU670 Connections External: 6mm cable lugs (spades), 1x 4mm banana plug Internal: 6mm cable lugs (spades), Solder Terminal

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