Mundorf Twaron Unicorns Tail Dämmaterial High End 1000gr

Mundorf Twaron Unicorns Tail Dämmaterial High End 1000gr

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Twaron® Angel Hair, the innovative damping material for acoustic purposes.


This material is based on Teijin's Twaron fibers. ELTIM audio and his contractors transform the Twaron fibers in a 3- phase process in the highly expanding and soft material with a very wide frequency domain damping area.


Since our Angel Hair is a very light and effective material, you only need around 3-5 grams / liter cabinet volume. You need way less in weight and it brings way better results than any other material we are aware of. This high-tech material is processed in three, quite expensive manual runs, resulting in the final material. It is very suitable for use in:


- Loudspeakers


- Tube Traps


- Acoustic damping panels


The self expanding, soft and homogenous Angel Hair mass present a "refreshing" sound absorption not noticed with any damping material before. As confirmed by many loudspeaker manufacturers, DIY-ers, reviewers and audience at audio demo's, it shows:



=  More accurate 3D presentation          

=  More fine detail reproduction

=  Flatter frequency response

=  Way better waterfall response

=  Better attack and decay

=  More tight and accurate bass response

=  About unflammable (PA safety rules?)

=  Most easy to work with

=  Non toxic

=  etc, etc.

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