AL Upgrade Kit JBL TI 5000 Crossover

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Weichen-Satz für 2 Stück JBL 5000 Ti Dieses Set beeinhaltet die klangrelevaten Bauteile (Spulen+Kondensatoren+Widerstände) für 2 Frequenzweichen zum Selbst-Tuning (DIY). English text for international customers: CROSSOVER – TUNING BY PROFESSIONALS – 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE -FOR EVERY PASSIVE SPEAKER CABINET- Crossover Tuning-Set for 1 pair of JBL Ti 5000 speakers This Set contains the most impoprtant components of the crossover replaced by High End coils, capacitors and resistors for Do-it-yourself- Tuning. MUNDORF components, If you like to receive a quote for your speaker system just contact us. Thank you

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